David Allen

Dr. David Allen, leading psychiatrist, is building a platform at Rejuvenate Bahamas, implementing therapy programs rooted in, Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory, an alternative to cognitive-behavioral theory that motivates clients beyond recovery to a stage of discovery, which focuses on universal ethical principles involving justice, equality, and respect for all humanity.

With over 30 years of experience, David and the team strive to make recovery more manageable and life changing for all clients. David, MD, MPH, graduated from St. Andrews medical school in Scotland and Psychiatry and Public health at Harvard Medical School. David has experiences and received awards for drug rehabilitation, namely for success in the cocaine era.

Dr. Allen has established cocaine treatment centers in the Bahamas and Washington, D.C., and is a recognized expert in all types of addictions and their causes. Dr. Allen has published widely in the areas of addiction, spirituality and psychiatry, including mental health evaluation (1976), the cocaine crisis (1985) and cocaine: the broken promise (1988). Dr. Allen has authored the landmark trilogy of books that include in search of the heart (1993); shattering the gods within (1997) and contemplation: intimacy in a distant world. Presently, Dr. Allen has an international private practice in psychiatry in Nassau, Bahamas.