Tips For Residents Papers Competition

The Residents’ Papers Competition has always been one of the highlights of Research Day.  This affords an opportunity for the residents and medical students to showcase their ground-breaking research. A 15 minute time slot has been allocated for each ‘resident paper’, 12 minutes for delivery and 3 minutes for questions and answers.

The judging would start from the moment that your abstract and paper is submitted via “The Abstract Portal”   and will culminated with the judging of your oral presentation. Your written paper will receive global score of one to six based on publication readiness.  Please note the comments of the reviews carefully and use the opportunity to improve your manuscript. The oral presentations are judged on overall organization, scientific content, national relevance, presentation skills, audiovisual, appearance and   time management.  The marks are then tallied and  prizes for the “Best overall presentation”,  “Most National Impact” and “Most Scientific” papers will be awarded.

Presentation tips

  1. Improving Your Presentation
  2. Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations
  3. Giving the Oral Presentation
  4. Oral Presentation Check List
  5. Presentation don’ts