Message from The Minister of Health

Message from The Minister of Heath, Honourable  Dr. Duane  Sands MP

It is my privilege to welcome this impressive group of international and national presenters, professionals and students to the 12th Annual Research Day Conference, organized by The University of the West Indies, School of Clinical Medicine and Research, here in The Bahamas. The findings, initiatives and practices that will be shared at this Conference will assist in the growth and well-being of the people in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

This two day event, under the theme: “Holistic Care: Integrating Mental, Social and Physical Health” should provide knowledge to all professionals who are in the service of diagnosing, teaching, training and treating people. This comprehensive approach to cognitive, social and somatic maintenance should aid in optimizing the welfare of the ‘whole person’. I applaud The University of the West Indies, School of Clinical Medicine and Research for consistently presenting timely topics that continue to generate discussions, research and avenues that promote wellness.

I wish to congratulate The School of Research and Clinical Medicine on the second installment of the writers/publication workshop, which is aimed at helping researchers complete, and tender their work for publication. The successes of these symposiums reaffirm that systematic research is desired and publication of the work is sought after for global advancement.

“An optimal level of health and well-being of all persons in The Bahamas” is the vision of the Ministry of Health. I am optimistic that the “Holistic Care” dialogue and research presented during these Research Day sessions will facilitate the Ministry of Health in achieving its vision for The Bahamas.

Honourable  Dr. Duane  Sands MP
Minister Of Health