Message from the Minister of Education

Message from The Hon. Jeff Lloyd, Minister of Education

On the occasion of your 12th Annual Research Day, I wish to applaud Dr. Robin Roberts, Director, and his Associates at the University of the West Indies for once again executing this most valuable enterprise. We are repeatedly reminded of the fact that our health is our greatest wealth, and I believe that through your beneficial research and feedback on health and wholeness, you are contributing to the fortune of the people.

Your theme, “Holistic Care: Integrating Mental, Social, and Physical Health”, emphasizes a contemporary approach to medicine. Today, it is a well-known fact that mind and body are not only linked, but also inseparable. Additionally, we are now aware that various components, other than the physical, work together to ensure one’s overall wellbeing. Thus, by researching and providing educational material on treating the “whole person”, I believe that great strides can be taken toward reducing the instances of health issues in our country as well as worldwide.
I wish to take this opportunity to welcome all of the international lecturers who are participating in the conference. I express gratitude to you for sharing your medical expertise with us, and trust that your experience will be both fruitful and enjoyable. I also say a heartfelt “thank-you” to all others who have in any way contributed to this venture.

Congratulations to the University of the West Indies on your 70thAnniversary, and I wish you many more years of unmitigated success.

Hon. Jeffrey L. Lloyd M.P.